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Valmiki Jayanti, a festivity marked with grandeur, unfolds on the full moon day of the Ashwini month in the Hindu calendar. Maharishi Valmiki, renowned as Adikavi, achieved this prestigious title by crafting the first shloka. This significant day, celebrated with fervor across India, holds special prominence in North India, where it is often referred to as the ‘Manifest Day’ of Valmiki.

According to Hindu lore, Maharishi Valmiki’s lineage traces back to Maharishi Kashyap and Pracheta, the ninth son of Aditi. Born to his mother Chadharyi and with a brother named Bhrigu, Valmiki’s early life took an unexpected turn. In his youth, he committed the act of stealing, which led to his association with the Bhil community. This upbringing among the Bhils shaped his path, eventually leading him down a more notorious route as a bandit named Ratnakar. Much of his time was spent in the depths of the wilderness.

Today, Valmiki Jayanti stands as a tribute to the transformation and wisdom that emerged from Maharishi Valmiki’s remarkable journey. It serves as a reminder of how a life, once set on a different course, can evolve into a legacy that enriches the cultural tapestry of India.

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