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Karuppasamy is a Hindu deity who is worshipped by millions of people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He is also known as Karuppaswamy, Kariyadan, and Kaiyanar.

Karuppasamy is a fierce-looking deity who is often depicted as a black or dark-skinned man with a mustache and a beard. He is usually seen riding a white horse and carrying a sword or a spear. Karuppasamy is also associated with animals such as dogs, lions, and tigers.

Karuppasamy is a god of justice, protection, and power. He is often invoked by people who are seeking help with matters of law, order, and security. He is also believed to be able to protect people from evil spirits and other dangers.

The worship of Karuppasamy is a popular tradition in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. His temples are often located on the outskirts of villages, and they are often visited by people who are seeking his protection. Karuppasamy is also a popular subject of folk songs and dances.

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We are sharing the best Hindu god Sangili Karuppasamy photos images for free download for Whatsapp status. We provide HD quality Hindu Bhagwan Karuppanna Swamy ki photo and 18 Padi Karuppasamy HD images for free download. Karuppu Sami is a famous God which is worshiped in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. You can found the temples of Karuppu Sami in the villages of Tamilnadu. Tamil Hindus believes that Karuppu Sami was an assistant to Ayyanar, who was a popular Hindu deity. Adoration of Sangili Karuppu Sami provides you protection, justice against all evils. In southern regions of India, people organize annual festivals where they worship Karuppanar.

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